Be My Sun and Moon. Writing clearly defined characters using astrology. Guest Writer: Timothy

Trouble defining your characters? Try looking to the starsThe Devil reading as Lil the Cat plays with his wine. Your Devils Advice, Sun and moon signs for character development

Your Devil is tending to other important business this week and has brought Timothy in to work off a sin or two.

In more ways than you might think, we can unknowingly write ourselves into our characters. It’s quite natural, but it can also lead to a sameness. One character resembling the next character resembling the next, different only in physical description. Strong character dynamics need more than physical descriptions.  Our love interest should never be a duplicate of the protagonist, as our villain should be more than a scowling version of ourselves. Admittedly however,  the blank slate of character development can be quite daunting. So if you sense this may occasionally happen in your writing, consider astrology, as it’s fundamentally an ancient art of personality definition, and as finely detailed as you chose to dive. Follow me now for a bit of stargazing and help your characters find that clarity and individuality you so want to give them.

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Grace has passed me by

Let’s just cut to the chase: I’m clumsy.

A Running Bunnies GraceIf there is a corner, I’ve hit my elbow on it. If there is a table leg, my bare toe has found with force. If there is a sharp edge, a protruding part of me has been snagged.

I’ve tried dance classes, martial arts classes, yoga, vigilant self-awareness.

I’ve even tried physical reverse psychology (which now that I see it in type does sound a bit too “out there”), where I actually try to run into things in hopes my rebellious sense of coordination will take me away from danger in a graceful pirouette.
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Motivation, Creativity and Momentum

Why Can’t I Finish Anything? – Audio response in ”continue reading”

I’m angry at myself because I start out all revved-up to do big projects and bucket list stuff, but my projects never get finished. I jump into research and planning. I’m motivated and inspired, and everything is great, then little by little, things get in the way. I try to keep up the magic but it loses luster. Everything then becomes hard and draining and my motivation and creativity die a sad gray death. Continue reading “Motivation, Creativity and Momentum”

A News Junkie Widow

Bird FlyingI am married to a news junkie
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When dating, I found my husbands awareness of what’s happening in the world a very attractive. At parties, I even showed him off as my own personal news channel. That was seven years ago. Today, he is a ranting ball of anger. The man is on his soapbox, raging at every meal, and on every drive we take together. All of it, it over the state of the country, washington and the world.
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Broken Person

A Poet in your lifePoet or Whacked   {includes audio response}
I might be a horrible person but, here it goes. I am dating a guy from my composition course. In class, he is brilliant “which is what attracted me to him in the first place”. His writing and poetry have the class and even the teacher in tears. The trouble is, outside of writing, he is a complete embarrassment. Continue reading “Broken Person”