52 Creative and Unemployable

Pitchfork and TorchI’ve find myself at 52 years old, and unemployable in my field. I am in advertising design and having spent the last 10 years at a single agency “I know, unusual” and survived many changes in direction, because “I am that good”. I was ousted a year ago due to restructuring, which translates as, I’m too old, and it made the creative director uncomfortable and I didn’t follow the popular trends in the office, like saying “yea yea yea” instead of yes, making actual eye contact when speaking, or not growing a f***ing designer beard. Anyway, the few interviews I’m even able to get haven’t panned out and I’m getting so bitter, I’m afraid I’m the last person anyone should hire. How can I stay in demand even when not fitting into the popular mold?

Your Devil Say’s
Dear Creative 52

You can’t, and you should not even try. Where are those that did not survive the last restructuring? Do you think they are gnashing their teeth in rage as you are near doing? Dislodge your person from this trivial mandate of your culture. You are finished in advertising and your skills must find a new home. Find a new purpose deserving of your years of skills and creativity. Your bitterness beautifully drenches your question. I’d torture you for your single-minded misdirection but you’ve far outpaced me already.
As per your mindset, Creative, do you wish to becoming a desperately like minded, faux progressive, and genteel fascist? It’s but a place of mind away you know. But consider it well for this moment. Imagine kissing Hitler on the mouth. There you go, now you’ve got the picture.
From a practical point of view, you need someone to represent you. A hunter of heads you call it? Someone expert as yourself to cut clearly past the muck and match your skills and person to an organization that already see’s you there.
Write back on where your personal brilliance takes you.

Daisy Say’s
Nail those bastards to the wall! What has happened to you is such blatant ageism that I want to track them down and fast track’em to hell myself. My uncle worked in advertising his whole life and loved it. He retired at 72, yea 72 and he still did freelance after that. The age range in his company was from 18 to 76. Now I know you’re better off not being surrounded by hipster scum and like the guy with horns said, a new purpose deserving of your skills and creativity.
And a note to our readers from Daisy, feel free to comment on this or any of our answers, you might just help a person with an problem. You’ll also be helping to keep the Devil on his toes. 


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