A News Junkie Widow

Bird FlyingI am married to a news junkie
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When dating, I found my husbands awareness of what’s happening in the world a very attractive. At parties, I even showed him off as my own personal news channel. That was seven years ago. Today, he is a ranting ball of anger. The man is on his soapbox, raging at every meal, and on every drive we take together. All of it, it over the state of the country, washington and the world.
The TV is broadcasting all waking hours, and when I shut it off, it’s on again the moment I’m out of the room. I’ve spoken to him and fought with him and he will be better for a day, then back to it defending his ranting with “at least he cares about what happens in the world”. I’m beginning to spend more and more time outside the house. We are not heading in a good direction. It’s not even that I disagree with his views, but I’m at the point where anything to do with any news at all just makes my skin crawl.

Your Devil Say’s “with a bit of a cold” and Daisy will NOT be denied.

Dear News Widow
Mine is a story of single-minded, self-destroying hatred. Assuredly I would have guessed, any thinking creature see it as a precautionary tale. The present climate of your lot, however, views it as a tutorial.

In hell, I lived infected with a hatred of humanity. And that was my doing. Yes, it was caused by you, but that’s a far longer story. To prove my hatred of humanity justified, I made it my purpose, to prove humanity hateful. And the all of myself was immersed in that mission. Your husband and the poor souls like him, share that situation this very moment. If your point of view needs to exclude all others, know that you are treating your mind as a fascist treats his or her people. Within this fascist mindset, any voice not singing to the choir is threateningly out of tune.

If you become a bully in your own mind, you will become the bully of your own mind, it’s near inescapable suffering. And that fascist spark will always defend itself for that misdirected, desperate validation. All its energy must now go, to proving the other false, wicked, vile, perverse, and a complete threat to the future of life as one hope’s it to be. But all that horror’s already come home to you both.

How do you treat your own mind? We show the world we create, to ourselves every day, and then go about living there. Can you see beauty and joy regardless of another’s actions or proclamations? Every open persons mission is to nurture the world you create. Every act, spoken word, and most importantly, the mind you nurture, in the quiet space. moment-to-moment day to day. I cannot impress on this enough.

And you are right Widow, at present, you’ve lost your husband to this infection. The perpetual message his obsession feeds from, will not stop until he stops it, and for your sake, I do hope he is capable.
If he continues to demand everyone in his life bow to his sense of outrage, his sense of anger, his vile need to be right. The sad choices you are pushed to make, point to the true casualties in this revolution of hatred.

Daisy Say’s
Oh Lordy, I thought he would never finish. OK, whatever he said but, make this weekend, a couples weekend. In fact, make this weekend a media blackout! Let your families know, cause I’m sure they want to kill him at this point too. No screens allowed! Do you need more exclamation points? !!!!! there. Make it romantic, do a little novel reading, “books still exist in the physical world” Go walking, hiking, work in the garden, f*** like bunnies, anything you like, but no screens! The physical world has a lot to offer. If hubby has claimed the right to be a ranting lunatic, you can claim the right to pull him back. Now, believe me, he will resist, because at the moment, he’s being a dumbass. You have to be willing to kick his dumbass until the man you married makes an appearance. That’s what you’re fighting for right? Be brutal! There are no rules here, you have way too much to lose.

And a note to our readers from Daisy. Feel free to comment on this or any of our answers, you might just help a person with an problem. And who doesn’t like keeping the Devil on his toes.


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  1. I have found, personally, that a quick smear of superglue on the ranting loved one’s lips as they nap, or a couple of handy Valium in their nightly cocktail, is enough to guarantee a blessedly (sorry for the use of that possible curse, Devil) silent evening.
    Recharge your tolerance batteries during this interval. Also, industrial strength earplugs are wonderful inventions.
    I like Daisy’s suggestions, of course, being a rational person myself, but some days you just have to be proactive.

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