I’m Working for a Scam Company.

Hands In PocketI’ve spent the last two years programming on six startups for a media/data company. After each release, I was certain they would do well and proud to be part of the projects. They did not do well, in fact, they all struggled to find a niche then die a sad death. The director of our team is the only person in touch with management, had a continuous look of please kill me now, until this morning when she simply vanished, as others tend to do here for unknown reasons. My problem is, other team members and myself have realized the companies business model is to burning thru venture capital money. They are using good developers and product designers to put on a show. The products released, but are lamely marketed and then they die. Everything is legal, but still a scam. I want to quit but I have a family, and can’t afford to be unemployed. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d wish you good luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it.     Glengarry Glen Ross

Dear Working
Do you think you have forever to squander your skill and effort. Because you claim morals and integrity doesn’t mean your family will forgive you for living on your knees? No one likes a weenie.
Yes, don’t change a thing. If by chance you are not immortal, or told this is not something your family would ask of you anyway, listen. As I myself would throw you to the wolves, and drink black tea sided with apple slices dipped in almond butter, as you are devoured. Its messy, but so will you be. Daisy, however. My own tormentor/assistant suggests from experience, another path. Unlike days past, your ex-team director did not simply disappear. Her body and breath remain joined and still with the living. She was paid to leave quietly. Find her, and ask politely for her recipe. She has suffered for this knowledge so, be respectful.
Then, Jackass, you may provide for your family on the indulgence of thieves. You see, there is no clean way out of this, as you’ve known of these issues for sometime. Willfully choosing ignorance is the scamming of innocence. You unto yourself, your employers to others unknown. For reasons unaware, you imply a wish to do better now. But Jackass, don’t go swooning in self pride just yet. Your teammates eyes are all opened as well, and racing to claim the same ring of integrity.
Here’s a question back at you. Can a clean beginning be paved with dirty money? A delightful conversation starter for your next employer interview or consulting client. It will be interesting to see if you can make something positive out of this cyclical mess and cyclical sin without becoming lost in self pity or importance. Write back, I’d like to hear that you steered it well.

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