Mom in Law Flirts Like an Old Movie

My fiance and I met working for the same company. We travel a lot and I’ve only met her parents recently, as we are staying with them to plan our wedding.  My fiance’s dad is great, but rarely home, her mom, and her mom’s friend is the issue. They both flirt constantly whenever my fiance’s not in the room. At first, I thought it was joking but it’s gotten worse, pretty raw, and attempts at reaching physical. I’ve spoken with my fiance about it and she says they just have a go at you. She’s a fantastic Mom to her daughter and completely involved in the wedding plans so I’m really baffled. My friends outside the situation are yelling red flag.

Heaven holds a place for those who pray.
Simon & Garfunkel

Dear Baffled
Exactly how is it you keep finding yourself alone with these two older women? Yes, your fiance’s mom is messing with you. And, yes, soon to be mother-in-law “and friend” want to know you in the biblical sense. And yes again,  your father-in-law’s wife is vicariously living the romance of her daughter’s wedding, as she craves for it herself. Welcome to the family. But you are about to be married and it’s time you grew up. More important than being believed, is that you can settle the issue without shaming your soon to be a mother in law or doing anything stupid that will affect tensions within the family. Her friend is there to dare and urge on this bad behavior and I like her immensely for that. You, however, have a job to do. Show affecting for your soon to be wife where all can see. Flirt with her, dance with her, make it clear you have only eyes for her. Turn every conversation to a chat about your beloved. This will pop the fantasy bubble mom-in-law’s been blowing. It will be disappointing, terribly embarrassing, and shameful. But she can experience it privately and silently.
Forget all I said, introduce drinking into the situation, and within a week you should be able to have sex with your former almost mother-in-law, her friend, or both, destroy the trust and relationship with your fiance and turn your life to a self-pitying garbage heap. I’ve always found such choices difficult.

ps. send contact info on her friend.

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