I really hate people!

I’m a wildlife rehabilitator and want to know, who thinks it’s OK to wait until tomorrow to bring me an young fox injured on the road today? The animal is in agony, needing pain meds, antibiotics, and much treatment if it survives at all!
Would you be OK waiting an entire day, if hit by a car or attacked by a person or animal? How is it that people can’t see and react to another living being’s pain when it’s right in front of their face? …I Really Hate People

I am willing to believe they suffer as much as such creatures can suffer. But does that mean their sufferings equal mine? No doubt.
Samuel Beckett – End Game

Dear “Hate People”
Having spent eon’s hating people as well, it gladdens me to make your acquaintance. Waiting an entire day as the small beast lay in agony not only lacks compassion but defines the commodification of misery. The human gaze passing judgment and saying no, this does not press me enough. Your suffering is not yet worth my action.
Your rage, however, speaks to a deeper issue.

Is your suffering, my suffering? Is the suffering of creatures large and small, mine to address and ease for the very reason of being aware?
The human poetic disintegrates quickly as one’s sense of deserved convenience is put-upon. Appalled if the suffering of another creature impinges on thy me-time. And yes “Really Hate People” it will to most your brethren and sistren.

In my day, my first command was to help you along in that area. Rise you up from the scavenger mindset. I failed miserable, as did your kind. A poor point of compassion we share, but you can count on both hands the souls who’ve made the suffering and passion of others, their own. And yet monuments are built to those saints as a stand-in for ourselves living as they did. So long as my image speaks to love, I needn’t have to.  And to that point, your vengeance lay. If that ilk is prepared to give even lip service, then they are prepared to be kicked swiftly when you see them asleep at their heart. And kick, and kick and kick again.

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