Broken Person

A Poet in your lifePoet or Whacked   {includes audio response}
I might be a horrible person but, here it goes. I am dating a guy from my composition course. In class, he is brilliant “which is what attracted me to him in the first place”. His writing and poetry have the class and even the teacher in tears. The trouble is, outside of writing, he is a complete embarrassment. He is not disrespectful but he has no filters with my friends. He talks to every single animal we come across as if they understand him, and finally today we went to the beach with my friends, one friend mentioned that the ocean always made her feel very small, and he responded by spitting in the ocean. They all thought it was the funniest thing in the world but also think he’s completely nuts. It all makes me want to be as far away from him as possible, but I’m the one who wanted to date him. How do I break up with this nice, talented, but broken person?

Let the rain on your face, have a dance with your soul embraced. A. B.

Dear Broken Person

How fortunate you are, in an era encrusted in vulgarity, to be blessed with a poet crossing your path. They are more and more the rarity, and properly, you are squandering this blessing. To be clear, poets are gifted, but sadly rarely blessed. Other people are blessed, but morons, who when a poet enters their lives, continue to go about completely unawares. Refusing to be changed for the better by such an experience is what you can do, but it’s not your fault. I’ve debased the core values of your lot a million times over. In this age, however, you frighteningly do it to yourselves, to “fit in” as you put it. If however, and only if, you realize a poet has entered your life, and you are aware, then you know the immediacy I speak of. You, however, are not aware, and I do forgive your age for stupidity. Your question, “how do you break up with a broken person”, did claim my attention. Is there a sliver of openness in the place you yourself are broken? If so, how will you wake to the whisper of awareness since you’ve been called? How do you break up with a life simply waiting to be over? You can make this day that important, or squander again. No one will notice. I’ve never known a soul who deserved a poet when one happened to them. So why not you?
ps. None of this applies to musicians, they mostly aught be pushed off cliffs.


2 Replies to “Broken Person”

  1. 1. Regarding the harmonious and soothing dulcet tones of the audio accompaniment to this heartfelt defense of poets: it should bear a warning label so those listening will put aside all food and beverage and not wind up face down, lulled to insensibility, in their cinnamon bun.
    2. However, smothering in a cinnamon bun is not a bad way to go.
    3. In terms of musician disposal, may I quote you at my defense trial?

    “What would an angel say the devil wants to know?” Fiona Apple, “Criminal”

    1. Dear LeeAnn and accompanied cinnamon bun. You may freely quote me at your trial. Lest beware, more oft than not, I am found the guilty party.
      In appreciation
      Your Devil

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